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Crypto Mining Club

NFT project that mines crypto

Crypto Mining Club


3,333 seals on Solana fighting the war on rugsNFT assessments w/ 70% revenue share & DYOR tools.


Warrior Lion NFT

Warrior Lion NFT in Solana. Having a Warrior Lion that allows you to join our DAO, gain free rights on future airdrops that will include NFTs and Tokens. With 24 attributes and 134 hand-drawn features, each NFT is unique and comes with an exclusive community membership. Join an ambitious community that continues to grow with multiple benefits and utilities.

Warrior Lion NFT logo

Bunny Robotics

Bunny Robotics is a 1111 NFT collection, a unique digital collection. Bunny Robotics is stored as tokens on the Solana blockchain.

With over 50+ hand-drawn traits, each NFT is unique and comes with an exclusive community membership. Join an ambitious community that continues to grow with multiple benefits and utilities.

Bunny Robotics Logo

Proud Lions Club

Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, lies a mythical island, that is inhabited by several tribes of 7,777 mythical lions and lionesses, led by the Alpha.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain technology these Lion NFTs serve as your pass into the Lionverse where you will reap benefits beyond your wildest dreams. Use your lions to travel the globe, help a cause, earn daily rewards and be part of a unique virtual experience.


Panda Patrol

3D Panda Patrol Babies (second gen) consist of 1500-2000 high quality 3D rendered panda babies that will be minted on a date to be announced. This is a second generation project that is an addition to the original, Panda Patrol NFTs.

Panda Patrol Logo

Hashrate Servers

We as a team are here to mine for those who can't. Our NFT holders will make profit from our rewards system through our mining farms.  Mining is expensive to do and not everyone has the money to rent out a location, pay for hydro and constantly be moderating temperature & crypto stats. At hashrate servers we will be providing all that for our NFT holders.

Hashrate Servers Logo

Surging Bulls

Surging Bulls are a collection of 2,000 unique NFT collectibles that will be taking the Solana blockchain by the horns. Each Bull trait is programmatically assigned, but manually drawn, offering a unique taste to every piece and an added value to every holder.

Surging Bulls Logo


Coming to #Solana Utility-based GEN 1 Collection with a multi-planetary exploration system powered by GEMS with ships & breeding dynamics. Supply: 3,500

Komradz Logo


BongHeads NFT is your ticket to being a part shareholder in every business venture the project takes. From Casino earnings, to online retail stores, to real life product store integration, and much more. Holding BongHeads will earn you passive income and will be your ticketed entry into the staking and deflationary evolution systems we will explore.

BongHeads Logo

High Rollers

A role-playing frolic in which investors take the roles of characters in the Paradox Ecosystem. Our investors bear responsibility for acting out these roles within our lore/roadmap, through accumulating $PRDX by having their NFT held in their wallet. Depending on which collection you hold, it will undergo different character developments that can be acquired by using the currency $PRDX.

High Rollers Logo

Not on the list?

Our team are on hand and ready to answer any questions you may have to get your project certified.

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