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We are partnered with a number of leading Launchpads that all have a mutual focus on quality and security...


If you would like us to assist with your project launchpad needs, please join our discord and head to the '#get-verified' channel to discuss further.


ALL Blue

Solana NFT Launchpad for secure, smooth and social

ALL Launch provides a great mint experience for
minters and creators. With anti-bot and whitelisting
features they secure your launch and by providing rich
information about projects, users mint with confidence.


The most secure LaunchPad on the Solana Network.

A no-code platform for NFT projects & artists.


Xin Dragons / XLaunchpad


1️⃣ Standard CM Setup + bot-me-not™️

2️⃣ WL CM setup + bot-me-not™️
3️⃣ Custom mint


Minting Add-ons
-Add on custom domain
-Add on custom design minting page
-Add on custom website (full-stack capability, node.js)

1️⃣ Token setup and registration with Solana
2️⃣ Non-custodial staking setup (includes database and token claimoor interface)

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