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Certified NFT Projects

The official list of projects KYC'd and doxxed by Alpha VeriFi

Alien Ape Holders

It takes more than one admin to successfully rug us!

Ancient Meta Cats

The Ancient Meta Cats is a developing Web3 brand that aims to make all holders fit into the decentralized world. The holders of AMC NFT will be "shareholders" for all related businesses that will include: Player-Owned Crypto-Casino platform, Clothing and Merch Line, NFT Museum and more.

Cosmo Heroes

Cosmo is a new big ecosystem on Solana Blockchain, which combines the elements of DeFi & NFT. A new multi-platform with a large and diverse range of services.
Cosmo Heroes a collection of 2222 NFTs - play, earn & trade.

Ethereal Elementals

A PFP project & DAO. The Art & Education the space needs.


An Extremely Low Collection of 789 DeD◎N BABY leading the mafia gang into #solana Metaverse. Creating an efficient passive income NFT and help holders launch their project from our $15000 mafia money bag.

Alone Blue

2222 Genesis Collection.
If you feel alone and blue, we are the same. Be fun Together,Be comfortable Together,Be sense Together

Broken Teddy Bear Society

The Broken Teddy Bear Society (BTBS) is a collection of 6,174 Teddys on the Solana blockchain. Delta-THC business | Art incubator | Comic Book Shop. BTBS aims to be a safe space for those who need it.

Wild Teddy Crew

4444 unique 3D NFTs coming from our sweetest childhood memories with the desire to bring something fresh to the NFT Solana space with a visual quality rarely matched and a real interest and return for the community behind the crew.

Gambling Chimps

High Utility, Rare Art NFTs for all you gamblers out there!
Gambling Chimps is the first 100% community-owned Casino project online.
Holders will receive a 100% share of all casino proceeds, with proceeds sent directly to the wallets holding Gambling Chimps.

Soltoshi Misfits

2200 Misfits causing mayhem in the streets of Soltoshi, an anarchist city powered by $MISFIT.  Establishing an united community bound together by strong relationships and common beliefs while sharing the love for the art and providing utility revolved around our exclusive $MISFIT marketplace.

Brain Pals

BrainPals is a community driven project, with a unique art never seen before in solana, comprised of 4,444 pals that share knowledge and value, made for a united community. CCO You own your NFT, which includes the rights to use and commercialize it.

Solana Underdogs

2222 Underdogs coming to Solana. Building the most stable low-entry passive income NFT.

Sweet Apocalypse

Sweet Apocalypse is a NFT-driven project run by our startup company sugargames Gmbh, with a limited Genesis Edition that has its home on the Solana Blockchain and of course a vision of a game with the possibility of earning items and coins individually or as a team.

Monkey Dojo

The Monkey Dojo NFT Collection is a group of high-quality NFTs with promising utilities. Most of these utilities aim to give back to the community and improve the interaction between the community members.

The Lost Apes

4,000 Lost Apes randomly generated from a pool of over 100 hand drawn traits are now lost in the MetaVerse and have found themselves on the Solana Blockchain. Take a dive into TheLostApe journey where an infection is upon us, which side are you on?

Fine Cats

Building a strong and long-lasting community needs friendship bond, as so we believe.
We aim to make a viable and contented space for champion friends and creatives, such as creating a meeting place for the community. but above that, we’d like you to join us for more thrilling plans coming right up in the time ahead!

Neo Bears

555 Bears ready to leave mountain peak to conquer the world of Solana | Staking | Mutation | Much more |

Anatoly The Cat

Anatoly the Cat is a play to earn web3 card game featuring 9996 NFTs, uniquely-styled digitally colored pen and ink drawings available exclusively in the Solana Blockchain.

Crypto Dinos

Behold the mighty CryptoDinos; a collection of 4,444 dinosaurs set to conquer the Solana blockchain. Join the CryptoDinos and establish a new kind of community - The Kings of $SOL.

SuperPets: Dreamcity

What should the Super Pets universe be like? 
It’s a huge world! Everyone will be able to find something of their own in it. Someone will choose participation in competitions for rewards and upgrading of pets in order sooner or later compete with the best of the best for the title «Super-pet». Someone will be a good owner and start to breed pets. A lot of players will become owners of plots where they can create a perfect place to spend time with their favorite pets. Someone will learn entrepreneurship skills and build their own business that brings a good and stable income. 
The most devoted players will get along with their pet and make good and loyal friends.


PLANE-X is a high quality post-apocalyptic 3D plane NFT, enriched with audio to bring both plane and environment to life. It is built based on previously minted blueprint called PLANE-T. For every minted PLANE-X, a companion assets will be unlocked.

Crypto Thots

3,333 Naturally Fine Thots have found their way to the blockchain. Will you sit idly by while someone else takes your territory or will you man up and start your journey as a blockchain pimp? Crypto Thots bridges the gap between NFTs and online content providers. Collect thots. Build your harem. Become an NFT P.I.M.P.  Breeding, Staking, P2E, Decentraland Club and 3D Collection coming soon.

GM Chimps

GM Chimps is a project for NFT starters and enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on a tutorial for NFTs, where you can enjoy all the glorious moments in NFT history. Our tutorial is a way to walk you through the fundamental impact and significance of owning an NFT. Great community, great art, and great events that GM Chimps plan to provide. The GM Chimps will be the start of the GM metaverse and ecosystem which will be powered by $GM.

Whitelist Hub

Whitelist Hub is your SOL NFT for alpha gathering and whitelist opportunities. Be part of our exclusive group of Founders, Developers, Administrators and Staff from carefully selected successful projects. With the click of a button you will have ongoing opportunities to win a spot from your favorite projects. Partner DAOS will also help upcoming projects to reach the next level. Welcome to the Hub.

Smart Sea Society

Building the world’s first AI Driven Web3 Platform using 1M+ datapoints | Analyze Twitter & ME Stats | Generate FP Predictions | Automated Signals and Snipes

Lion Pride Club

In a world of Apes and Degenerates, the Lion Pride Club stands out: It's a club of 7,000 Gentle-Lions living in Utopia, whose aim is to eradicate war, poverty, and hunger from the world. Welcome, fellow Lions, to the Lion Pride Club!


Globiez is a culture bridging legitimate aspects of IRL business into the NFT space. A fresh collection of 5333 Globiez building a futuristic society. We do cool shit and reward our holders through diversified investments. Two Worldz, One Globiez.


Elite Solana Minting and Sniping Software | Mint Your Favorite Solana and ETH Projects | Snipe Your Favorite Solana Projects On Secondary Markets

Pot Princess NFT

Welcome to our Pot Kingdom, Solana's Upgradable PFP Project. Home to Pot Princesses, Bud Knight, Kief Dragons, DeBuds & Moon Buds NFT Collections. We're a Unique, 420 Friendly, Organically Grown NFT Community with an Original, Art Focused Roadmap.


metaKitchen integrates the digital and physical world of food into a web3 ecosystem built for chefs, home cooks, restaurants, producers and gamers. 3000 OG Chefs - The founders of metaKitchen will give access to the mK earning ecosystem and grant you a role in the mKSyndicate. OG’s will be used for staking and earning $CHEF rewards, unlocking a variety of features and rewards within the mK platform.

Bunnies N Homies

7575 Bunnies are bouncing onto the Solana blockchain, and they're bringing their Homies with them.

DAFE Project

5000 High-End sneakers build on Solana Blockchain are coming soon. A new brand for the Metaverse.


SolAngel Is a project that aims to build an auction house in our very own Metaverse. We are releasing a supply of 3,333 genesis angels, which includes staking and breeding functions. Stakers will be rewarded with our own proprietary currency $AngelCoin ($AC for short). $AC will be the primary currency in our auction house and our very own Metaverse.


4000 Kidz invading Tokyo on #solana.


A unique NFT project with insane art, unseen utility and awesome community! Giving back to the community by donating part of the royalties to causes voted for and suggested by holders and the rest of the royalties are going back to holders. First ever built-in NFT scratchcards, lottery, NFT swap system, share-to-earn & collect-to-earn models. Unique staking-like mechanism and building of a decentralized marketplace, combined with a kickstarter!

TED Nation

Founded by full-blown crypto degens, TED Nation is here to revolutionize Cardano NFTs for the good. It’s all about great art, outstanding love, tremendous cross-chain utility and real life benefits. Come join us in our TEDquarter and start getting Fluff!

MVPC [MetaVerse Party Club]

MVPC | MetaVerse Party Club, the 1st #GoPartyGetMoney NFT Project that give you real utilities IRL and digital world.
that's why we are #1Party2Earn. so, #LetxCelebrate

OG Stoneheads

OG Stoneheads is a collection of unique, hand-drawn Stoneheads chillin’ on the Solana blockchain. Stake your Stonehead- He’ll be chillin’ and smokin' joints all days, which will rack up $KIEF in his Grinder StoneLab provides various services for new projects in the space.


Shukuna is NFT project on Solana with first ever social network for holders that gives opportunity for community to launch their own project with some help from investors, media celebrities. Shukuna will have its own next ETH sequel.Holders will get WL for next ETH project as well as manga based on Shukuna story

Noah's Ark

Massive Mint Giveaways Including: Miami Yacht Trip, Ps5, Xbox X, etc. 6 Unique Base Characters: Rhinos, Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Goats, Noah! Each NFT will grant voting and revenue sharing in Third Coast Ventures LLC venture capital firm and will provide passive rewards for holders paid in SOL! Monthly Donations To Areas Effected by Natural Disasters!


DegenSOL NFT is a project based on the most popular and beloved form of the Japanese comic “manga”. Apart of the high-quality artistic part of our NFT, we also took care of their owners by sharing the profits from both, 50% of secondary market royalties and 44% our casino.

Hashira Latrodectus

Hashira Latrodectus is more then just a Nft line we are a brand being built on solana creating a new standard for animated pixel art. Stake for $VIALS tame a venomous spider and make it your own.

Tamaki Apes

Tamaki Apes is an art and community based project. Our vision is to build long term value for our holders, creating an online identity that can represent them.

The Hundred Eleven

The Hundred Eleven is a collection of anime NFT avatars. Our aim is to build a brand and good relationship within our tight-knit community.


SolVillage is one of the first AR collections on Solana. Each NFT is a key to access P2E game and the metaverse. These features are already developed and you can try all of them on your computer/mobile (no apps required).


We are creating a web3 tool for streamers to stream with their nft avatar in a unique and customizable 3D environment. There is nothing like it on the market. 6000 NFTs with 3 different rarities on the Solana Blockchain.

Bothered Basilisks

3333 Bothered Basilisks let loose onto the blockchain. Looking to spill blood and battle each other within the arena. Stake, train and battle with your Basilisk to reach the top of the food chain...

Baked Moths Rehab Colony

A gang of 4,200 yung moths, fucking lamp addicts that will form a colony around Big Lamp. They must go through the lamp ritual to be assigned to a brotherhood. Most of them will fly directly to Big Lamp just to GET BAKED, the rest must maintain order and look out for the Baked Moths to be rewarded.

Player 069

A unity based, squid-game inspired game, where 1200 in game NFT Players compete in a series of 6 games to have one come out on top with $100,000 USD in the prize pool for players.

Pugging Awesome Investments

5555 Pixelated Pugs that grant holders access to the largest, most diversified investment fund on the Solana Blockchain, investing in NFT-Crypto-Metaverse assets and distributing profits as recurring passive income to holders in the form of $PAWS tokens.

Rumble Monkeys

From an idea to reality. The Rumble Monkeys bring together a community of like minded fighters, fighting for the life they deserve. We have created an ecosystem of Rumble Monkeys eager to step into the ring. The Rumble Monkeys are now fighting on Solana.

Royal Crows

“Royal Crows” is a collection of 7878 NFTs — a unique series to be released on Omnichain, powered by Layer Zero. Explore the Omniverse! Joining this unique community gives you some dope assets, such as a pass to an exclusive club with a DAO-centered ecosystem, special drops, mints, and many more in the pipeline. Get yourself a Crow, join the tribe now!

Guinea Pigs Club

Guinea Pigs Club is 1,111 uniquely generated racing Guinea Pigs who compete on the racetrack to earn $GPC ! train them, take care of them and feed them to be the best during weekly leagues and tournaments.

Frog Club

Frog Club Is A Collection Of Mystical Frogs From The Outer Worlds Of KSX World. Frog Club Has One Mission, And Thats To Take Over The Solana Blockchain! 3888 Mystical Frogs Are Here To Hop Around And Invade The Solana Ecosystem. Holders Gain Exclusive Access To Our Native $RIBBIT Token, FroggieDAO, Which Provides Access To Our Frog Game" Staking, The $RIBBIT Store And our Solana Tools.


LifeStory allow you to save every precious moment of your life on the blockchain in a mobile app and make NFTs of them. in parallel, you can put a VR Oculus headset & dive in the LifeVerse. 2 years of development created this Metaverse where you can design your own world & relive your moments uploaded in your mobile app, alone or accompanied with friends. An Innovative futuristic NFT market is available there.

Fantasy Football Club

Football Fantasy Club is building the #1 spot for the biggest football fans on web3. Our main focus is providing holders with IRL utility on top of an exclusive football hub.

The Martian Collective

The Martian Collective is a Solana Based NFT project consisting of 5000 NFTs, set to invade the Solana Blockchain. With Burning and Staking Utilities holders will be able to earn $MARS Token to spend in the TMC eco system. Holders will also be able to participate in raffles for various prizes and airdrops.

Daimyo Warlords

Daimyo Warlords is an NFT collection of 3,333 warlords on the Solana Blockchain that offers a multi-token ecosystem to its holders. Stake your Warlord to get $AIRES, a fuel-like resource used to build Starships, go on Voyages, and earn $LQM and $HQM. Burn $AIRES with $HQM and $LQM to upgrade armor and upgrade starships. Upgraded armor increases staking yield for Warlords, and upgraded Starships increases staking yield for Starships.

Deviant Bunnies

Deviant Bunnies are a group of 5000 NFTs which will be used for a play to earn game where gamers will earn Deviant Bunny token while progressing in the game. Other utilities included Staking, Trading and Renting the NFT's in the Deviant Bunnies meta-verse. Furthermore, holders are given privileged access into the legendary defiants club. Join us as we journey into the Deviant Bunnies meta-verse.


The team behind Solinos casino envisions a safe, private, transparent and immersive casino experience. We wholeheartedly believe we can achieve this through the implementation of WEB 3 technologies

Anonymous Crypto Dealer

Anonymous Crypto Dealer #ACD is an exclusive collection of 4488 with over 100 hand drawn traits. Our Vision is to become the number one DAO for a self organized highly profitable community, through investing in blue chip projects, flipping overhyped nfts, holding long term crypto investments and trading on a daily basis, but also generating passive income, when staking your NFTs.

Bad Habits NFT sol

BadHabitsNFTSOL is your your chance to win once in a lifetime experiences. Every year there will be a raffle for big events such as the Super Bowl, World Series, Festivals, Concerts, NBA Finals, WrestleMania, and much more. You will get to attend these events with the BadHabits crew and your tickets and travel are included for you and a friend.

Degen Islands

We're Degen Islands, building the Solana Decentraland / Sandbox with a touch of Minecraft thrown in.

Social Squatch Club

For those who need glasses, we are not a Squash Club...but a Social Squatch Club consisting of 5,555 Squatches found in the strangest of social corners in the Solana Forest. Bringing with them creative flavour and influence of unique culture and classic Kiwi vibes that isn’t like any other Social Club your mom made you attend to make new friends.


 Introducing Faviont, an NFT-based  Marketplace for you to explore, sell, buy, and curate digital fashion & Metaverse  fashion items. Formally known as “Faviont Markets”, this project is dedicated to creating a marketplace where fashionistas, digital fashion designers, and people from all walks of life can exchange digital fashion files as NFTs.


Coinfra makes it dramatically easier to launch NFT projects. You upload your assets and layers, and they will be generated in metadata with a mint page. We charge 10% per project on both primary and secondary sales.

Moo World

888 Cows discovering the universe of Solana but now they must exploit the biodiversity of these planets to survive! Staking, Breeding and Tamagotchi System.

Shredded Apes Gym Club

Shredded Apes Gym Club is an NFT project that is set on combining the worlds of fitness and NFT. Through their utility coin $WHEY they have already brought revolutionizing technology to web 3.0 Their online store offers a full range of supplements and high quality clothing. And that's just the beginning for $WHEY: nutrition and workout plans, gym memberships, high quality athletic wear... Aswell as a second collection: Juiced Apes and a third collection: 3D Shredded Apes who are also soon to follow... Ooga Ooga!

Stoned Ape Crew

Everybody is vibing in Puff Valley, home to 4,142 Stoned Apes Conquering the Cannabis Industry as the #1 herb-related NFT project. A community of troublemakers, rebels, punks & the most chill people on the internet. Together building a weed lifestyle brand with an ecosystem around their “green” utility token $PUFF, used for buying herb, rescuing Nuked Apes, Evolutionary Retreats, apparel and other perks. Puff Puff

Not on the list?

Our team are on hand and ready to answer any questions you may have to get your project certified.

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